WPC Golden Oak

WPC is an alternative to today’s wood. WPC
made with the composition of the plastic fiber
or plastic pellets to 30%, environmentallyfriendly chemicals 10% and 60% of wood
powder. WPC can provide the strength and
beauty that resembles wood with the durability
and advantages as well as advantages of
polymers or plastics.


Advantages of WPC Products:

  • Can be recycled to be reproduced
  • Has a variety of different panel sizes and can be used for inside and outside the home
  • More fire resistant than other similar products.
  • When there is a fire on the panel, the fire just lit up at one point and did not spread.
  • High resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Has good dimensional stability, will not expand when in a humid area
  • The possibility of cracking is very small
  • High resistance to water and household chemicals
  •  Good resistance to termites, fungi, and pests
  • Generally cheaper than wood
  • The color does not fade quickly
  • Best for long term investment
  • 100% recyclable
  • Aesthetically, WPC has a design that supports the beauty of the house